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  1. evilmujo

    Tutorial Install V2RAY Using Andiod Phone via termux

    file needed 1: Termuzx download in playstore 2: Download V2RAY FILE v2ray.zip - File Upload Cytech tutorial 1: open termux update muna copy and paste apt update && apt install wget && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MasterDevX/Termux-ADB/master/InstallTools.sh && bash...
  2. evilmujo

    List bughost for gtm noload

    globerewards-cdn.globedv.com globerewards-test.globedv.com cfsgemahub.globe.com.ph dev-identity.globe.com.ph gaccess.globe.com.ph gema-api.globe.com.ph globegetaqueue.globe.com.ph mgcash.globe.com.ph ossicdcognos-pub-ws.globe.com.ph ossmaximo-pub-ws.globe.com.ph punch.globe.com.ph...
  3. evilmujo

    Payload Hunt

    When talking about virtual private networking, we really cannot avoid discussing about "payload". Payload in telecommunications is the portion of transmitted data that is the actual intended message. When it comes to computer viruses, payload is the portion of the malware which performs...
  4. evilmujo

    Warp + Uncensored Everything (Globe/TM Zero Load)

    One of the hottest vpn app today is the recently launched Warp + cloudfares' vpn. is a cloudsflare DNS resolver which is faster than google's This is a combination of socks proxy ang openvpn which bypasses Telecom's own DNS resolver and thus provides uncensored content...
  5. evilmujo

    Tutorial V2ray for modem 936/ 525/938

    may config ako bago linagay boss pa try mo, muna
  6. evilmujo

    Tutorial V2ray for modem 936/ 525/938

    sir ung 5 may bug pa po ung ung 3 muna sir gamitin mo un install mo muna sir open telnet lagay mo to sh /online/atong/v2ray/bin/uninstall.sh tapos lagay mo uling ung no3 muna sa gamitin mo
  7. evilmujo

    Tutorial V2ray for modem 936/ 525/938

    need vless config po,, may tataga ako test config
  8. evilmujo

    Download Firmware and Unlocking List

    Firmware and Unlocking etc. Hidden content Creadit to jeromelaliag
  9. evilmujo

    Download Firmware and Unlocking List

    Firmware and Unlocking etc. Hidden content
  10. evilmujo

    Tutorial V2ray for modem 936/ 525/938

    guys shere ko lang galing sa kabinlang mundo V2ray for 936/ 525/938 huawei modem Download file here v2ray_modem_3.rar - File Upload Cytech tested v2ray_modem_5.rar - File Upload Cytech note: my bug pa [URL unfurl="true"]https://upload.cytechph.com/IW[/URL] For testing: vless config...
  11. evilmujo

    Sun TNT Smart Tnt Sun Bughost for free internet

    Guy Share ko lang guys sa about sa noload bughost pililang kayo guys at ilagay no sa address ng v2ray config Bughost list 1: noload.usain.tk 2: suntntsmart.ns1.usain.tk 3: noloadsmart.ns2.usain.tk 4: Noload.pointdns.pw 5: Noload1.pointdns.pro 6: smart.pointdns2.xyz Sa wala pang v2ray config...
  12. evilmujo

    Create rdp with video tutorial using colab

    Share ko lng guys, kong paano gumawa RDP for FREE using Colab 1: Copy this tink [URL unfurl="true"]https://colab.research.google.com/#create=true[/URL] ! wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/arnolddacuba/RDP/main/rdp.sh &> /dev/null ! chmod +x rdp.sh ! ./rdp.sh wag nyung gagamitin sa...
  13. evilmujo


    bughost list http://cytechph.com/url/voxyz4q v2ray creatr account [URL unfurl="true"]https://www.fastssh.com/page/v2ray-servers[/URL] https://sshocean.com/v2ray watch nyo nlng guys para malinaw
  14. evilmujo


    1. RDP Cr4cking 2. RDP into and how to get valid CC Free 3. how to get free RDP 4. How Developer get Free RDP 5. How to cr4ck RDP using Tools 6. Cr4ck RDP using angry IP scanner 100% 7. Get free 6GB RDP, free hosting, free domain 8. clear small doubt of RDP 9. Why RDP is important for cr4cking...
  15. evilmujo

    Tutorial ClipClaps Script Using Termux

    Guys share ko lang bot para sa clipclaps unli collect coin Tutorial here: Requirements: ClipClaps 1; ClipClaps - Reward For Laughs termux 2: Termux - Apps on Google Play 3: HttpCanary — HTTP Sniffer/Capture/Analysis - Apps on Google Play Winrar 4: RAR - Apps on Google Play app cloner+++...

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