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  1. evilmujo

    News/Updates Premium autoscript installer used to install SSH, STUNNEL, OVPN, and PPTP VPN on your VPS by daybreakersx

    Premium AutoScript Premium autoscript installer used to install SSH, STUNNEL, OVPN, and PPTP VPN on your VPS. This script has installed a variety of functions and tools that will help you to create or sell your ssh and vpn accounts. Installation: Centos 6 x86 & x64 yum -y update && yum -y...
  2. evilmujo

    [public script] install ovpn, ssh, dropbear and ssl server for ubuntu 16, 18, debian 9 & centos 7

    Public script lang po to so limited lang siya.... don't expect too much po. Support OS : Debian 9 | Ubuntu 16 & 18 Code: -=Stripped Content=- NOTE: Mas maganda Install niyo muna yung menu para easy access na lang sa mga services. +++ If vultr server gamit mo need 8 characters sa password...
  3. evilmujo

    [premium autoscript] install ssh, stunnel, ovpn and pptp server for centos 6, 7, debian 7 & 8

    Script Command Lists Menu: UPDATED SCRIPT HERE : daybreakersx For Centos 6 x86 & x64 Code: -=Stripped Content=- Important Information: Fail2Ban Ddos Deflate IP Tables Webmin - http://VPSIP:10000/ VnStat - http://VPSIP:85/vpnstat/ MRTG - http://VPSIP:85/mrtg/ OVPN Config -...
  4. evilmujo


    DEBIAN 9 SSH/SSL/OVPN INSTALLER MOD BY WANGZKI WORKING SSH/SSL/OVPN SERVICES Share ko lang po itong auto script na minod ni boss wangzki. Special thanks po sa kanya at sa may ari nito. Sa mga may issue sa script ni boss bonchan sa ovpn service at hirap i-fix , try niyo po muna ito working po...
  5. evilmujo

    Have you been asking the question, "How can I make money online?"

    Virtually every 'Make Money Online' course, ebook, website, blog, etc. will explain the goal of internet marketing is to have a system that will make you money on autopilot. find a product or offer you would like to promote. create articles promoting that product or offer. get traffic to those...
  6. evilmujo

    Reference Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.) I have been on this forum for a while now and there is one thing that never fails.. at least a couple times every day someone posts a thread asking how to make money. Some want to make $5 per day, some have higher...
  7. evilmujo

    Tutorial Creating the ultimate AUTOMATED blog site (Any niche)

    [GUIDE] Creating the ultimate AUTOMATED blog site (Any niche) Note: This guide is only for WordPress What is this guide about? In this tutorial, I'll give a step-by-step explanation on how you can create your own automated blog by fetching content from other sites and also automatically...
  8. evilmujo

    Globe TM No Load GLobe and TM SG server By Zildssh

    GTM No load SG sever W/ panel Tool needed ♠Sockhttp apk noload♠ [URL unfurl="true"]https://cytechph.com/index.php?threads/sockshttp-1-1-5-with-custom-timer-mod-new-update-for-globe-no-load.227[/URL] ♣sockhttp Config♣ Hidden content ♦Create account Zildssh panel here♦ [URL...
  9. evilmujo

    News/Updates BLACK VPN 6 SRC

    BlackVPN V6 Hidden content Encryptor Hidden content Video Guide [URL unfurl="true"]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vPe9MpZyI45TEUTH4CcVL09xUrsJrwbz/view?usp=drivesdk[/URL] Video Guide how to get started [URL...
  10. evilmujo

    News/Updates Havij 1.16 Portable Pro (CARDING TOOLS)

    Havij v1.16 Pro Portable Cracked by Service Manual [ AoRE Team ] Hidden content
  11. evilmujo


    Hidden content
  12. evilmujo

    News/Updates Free VPS No Credit Card Unlimited

    Free VPS without Credit Card Unlimited With Root access Hidden content
  13. evilmujo

    Tutorial Unlocking Tool for B315-936 and B310As-938 version A & B ( No need jumper wire )

    E U T- Easy Unlocking Tool All in 1 Unlocking Tool For Modems: B525S-65A (A.K.A. Black Mamba) *Latest Old UI AT_Stable Firmware (Microtik Fix) *Latest OpenVPN WebUI V2 B315S-936 *Latest AT_Stable Firmware *Latest OpenVPN WebUI V2 B310AS-938 *Latest AT_Stable Rework Firmware *Latest OpenVPN...
  14. evilmujo

    News/Updates BUZZBREAK 3invite TRICK for farming

    madaling araw maganda mag try yan. at dumadating agad ung payment. seconds lang aantayin mo. see photos for proof. note:! dapat pag nakoha nyo na ung price sa 3 invites cashout nyo agad, kasi once a day lang pwede e cashout. if baguhan po tau, kung wala kapang buzzbreak account at apps, e...
  15. evilmujo

    News/Updates Make money online and earn free using this Brave Browser.

    I will be teaching you this in full guide so do not miss! Make money using your mobile phones/pc/laptop and make money fast! Believe me, you can make money online without investment! 1) Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave Browser Download Brave Browser to receive rewards...
  16. evilmujo

    Reference Cherry Mobile Flare j5s Unfortunately App has Stopped Done

    share ko lang mga sir try ko manual reset no luck try ko NCK no luck & Cm2 no luck ito po yung error 1st download mo muna Download SP Flash Tool v5.1620 - Mediatek Flash Tool tapos format tapos dito ako komo huh ng firmware Cherry Mobile Flare J5s Stock Firmware ROM (Flash File) then...
  17. evilmujo

    Tutorial Creating gmail account (bypass 7 gmail per sim) 2 additional gmail

    The method gamit ang voice call as verification sa gmail. Gamitin mo tong method na to pag nalimit na yung simcard mo sa sms verification ng google. 👉Sms verification: create a maximum of 5 gmail acct 👉Voice call verification: 2 gmail accounts Bale 7 gmails per sim na (Tried in tnt sim,pero...
  18. evilmujo

    News/Updates Learn WordPress From Beginner to Advanced User

    WordPress content management system (WordPress) is a software that uses the database to allow you to set up your own personal or business websites with very high flexibility. When it comes to CMS, you are dealing with a variety of choices. But if you've finally decided to use WordPress by...
  19. evilmujo

    Tutorial How to create a phishing site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    Good day! I don't know if this post is allowed here but I'm still hoping that the admins will authorize this. So, I'm going to show you on how to create a phishing site or a fake website that will allow you to häçk someone's account. Before I continue, let me explain to you first if what is...
  20. evilmujo


    USB Stealer Features Fully undetected 100% Batch code easy setup Works with windows xp, vista, 7, 8 runs silently in the background copies files fast No Servers No trace left No Process shown makes a beep sound once when finished Steals Text Messages (Iphone Backup) system info Processes...