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Hot! vPnas VPN application with Encryptor Included


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Openvpn application specially on android inline with the pc version is an opensource application released by openvpn technologies. Anyone can actually modify any part or version of the app without infringing any intellectual property rights. Modded openvpn application has been running for almost a decade now in the Philippines and is being used by paid vpn owners for their clients. Most modded vpn application today has the ability to hide and secure openvpn configuration due to payload secrecy. Today I'm going to share to you one of our modded vpn application and show you how to upload and secure your own private configuration using our config encryptor.

So lets begin. First is to download all necessary files and install it to your android device.

Files needed:

1. After installing vpnas.apk, open the app and see the look and feel of the app, play around on each button to familiarize yourself.
The app comes with its own Payload genarator, logs, Config import and Export option.

2. Once the app is installed, we are now ready to upload our own config. However, this app does not accept an ordinary .ovpn files. We need to encrypt the configuration file before uploading it. Run vpnasencryptor.apk and lets go ahead and encrypt our own .ovpn file. Just click the menu button (3 vertical dots on the upper right hand) and select import. Locate your .ovpn file and import. Now Click on Encrypt Button to start encrypting your configuration file.

3. Once the file is encrypted, click on the save button under menu, and give a name to the encrypted .ovpn file. The Encrypted .ovpn file is saved to /Secured Configs folder. Now Open the vpnas app and lets start importing the secured config.

4. Click the menu button on the upper right hand side and select Config, then select import. Now locate the encrypted config we saved earlier. It is saved on Secured Configs Folder.

5. Select the config you want to upload under Secured Config folder.

6. Now the config will appear on the dropdown server selection and select your config. You may now input your username and password then click the radio button to start up our app.

7. Congratulations! You may want to customize the vpnas.apk using Apk Editor. Change the logo and color or themes. Watch out for the next post for customization.

Please stay tune.

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