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How to Install Linux Apps Using the Snap Store


Simran Kaur

Snap store is a desktop application used to find, install, and manage apps(also known as snaps) on Linux platforms. It shows all of the featured and famous applications with a thorough description, reviews, screenshots, and ratings. You can easily search for a specific application then download it on your system. Snap store always keeps users’ data secure and safe so that no one can access the data without your permission.

Snap store is a similar platform to Google app store as a user can download any Linux supported application easily from it. It is good to use the Snap store in your system to cover complete details on how to install Linux apps using the Snap store in this article. Snap store installation is almost the same for every Linux distro; read the article below to install snap store and download applications completely.

How to Install Snap Store in Linux

For installing apps using Snap store, download and install Snap store on your system, open the Linux terminal, and execute the below command:

$ sudo snap install snap-store

The Snap store’s size is not big enough, and it will take moments to download the required file and install it in the system successfully.

Once you install the application, configure the files for using Snap store conveniently, use the command below to launch the application.


To configure the Snap store, you can install a secondary platform package of Gnome and connect it with your Snap store. Hence, open the Linux terminal and use the following command for installing “gnome-3-28-1804”.

$ sudo snap install gnome-3-28-1804

After successfully connecting the Snap store with gnome-3-28-1804, open the Snap store application again using the below command, or you can open it from the app menu.

$ snap-store
How to Install Linux Apps using the Snap Store

If you want to install apps using the Snap store, open the Snap store application, and you will see a Snap storefront. This Snap storefront consists of various categories like productivity, utilities, games, news, weather, and finance.

You can select a particular category, and the Snap store application will show a list of Snap apps. In case you want to install a specific application, then search it in the search box and click on install to download it to your system. A “description” category helps a user understand everything about a specific application before downloading it.


This article covers the Snap store’s complete information, with its installation process and procedure to install Linux apps using the Snap store easily. As explained in the above section, the Snap Store is an application that offers access to download multiple applications for the Linux system. It is excellent to have this type of application in the system to download some useful applications.

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