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How to install Openvpn on B315S-936 Modem


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Its been a while that we are finding ways on how to share VPN connection to other devices especially at home. Is it possible that instead of installing VPN in each devices, install it at once on the modem itself? Some says, “Yes, but you need to buy an expensive one,” some says, “No. You need a separate router to make it possible.” The idea of installing the VPN on the modem itself is not a legend anymore. Someone has finally come into solution to seal it up once and for all. Thanks to Sir Jerome Laliag of PHC, the owner of the ultimate configuration all the credits goes to him. And with his permission I am going to share that to you in this tutorial step by step.

1. Make sure your computer is connected to your Modem via wifi or lan (B315s-936) and can access its web_ui admin page by going to
2. Download openvpn_latest (03.22.19)or custom vesion_simple and extract it on your desktop. You can check here for the previous versions and test which one suits for you.
3. Open the file folder.
4. Double click on install_openvpn to install (Don’t mind if modem reboots).
5. Once connected, head over to OpenVPN Web Interface by going to
6. Upload your openvpn configuration file (config.ovpn) on OVPN Config Uploader.
7. Setup your own openvpn server or download Free openvpn config here otherwise proceed to the next step.
8. Input your username and password then click on save
9. Click on connect button.


Custom_ui version:

Latest version:

Previous version:

You can now connect all your devices directly to your modem and enjoy the internet.
You can also watch this video for your reference.

In any case that you encounter any issues like "unable to connect to port 5555 or stock on the page," basically its because adb and telnet is not yet open on your modem's firmware this happens on most zain firmware. The work around is to change the firmware (only updating the firmware wont work). See to it that date and time on your modem is updated to avoid any errors. You may refer to this video from sir Jerome.

Download the file on the video: Here Given that you already changed your firmware you can now update it locally (Optional). Just import this
firmware (from sir Jerome) to your modem and start the process. (Needs Lan cable)

You can check the Firmware Section for most compatible firmware openvpn ready.

Not your Modem? Is it the Black Mamba (B525-65a)? Head over here and find out.

You may want to upgrade your openvpn for b315s-936 by going to this post.

Watch out for the next post.

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