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News/Updates How to make VPN No Load : Behind HTTP Proxy & SOCKS Proxy in your VPN [FOR Android Developer Only]


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Warning! This is for experiment only base on my experience.

Here we go!
Go to your src code of your vpn.

Fine your app folder then create gradle.properties
pagkatapos ito ang ilalagay

HTTP Proxy Code below :
org.gradle.daemon = true
systemProp.http.proxyHost = IP
systemProp.http.proxyPort = Port
systemProp.https.proxyHost = IP
systemProp.https.proxyPort = Port
Change IP to your vps ip address which is including HTTP. pwede rin mag lagay ng dns hostname para dito para pwede ka mag palit anytime ng proxy.
Change Port to your vps port proxy much better 8080 or 3128. itong code ay para sa HTTP Proxy


Socks Proxy Code below :
systemProp.socks.proxyHost = IP
systemProp.socks.proxyPort = Port
Ito naman ay para sa socks proxy setup. same parin doon.
default 1080

PS : Hindi lang vpn pwede itong gawin, kung marunong kang mag build ng web view browser, pwede mo to ilagay para mag bypass ang proxy para ng sa ganun magiging hosting ang iyong own proxy server sa mismong application. Pwede rin ito sa website kung marunong ka mag implement ng proxy. Depende parin yan sayo. At paalala lang, di lahat ng proxy ay gagana dito. depende yan kung anong meron sa setup ng proxy mo.

Sa mga gusto magpatulong, free to message me :) for more development.

Coming soon..
SNFX Browser
SUN/TNT/SMART No need load
accessible for any sites except cloudflare security.
can play YôùTùbé unlike opera mini browser
PS : yup mala opera mini browser siya kung naalala niyo. ;)

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