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How to setup HTTP Injector on Desktop


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Welcome to my first post. This blog will be focusing on current working vpn and anti-censorship tools in the Philippines. This Blog is for educational purposes only. No illegal intentions. So Let’s get straight to the point.

What are the common apps and tools we will be using to bypass blocked websites? (Well, we all know specially Pinoy FBT fanatics that we use vpn not only for crossing the bridge along blocked websites and security but a lot more. Who doesn’t want internet freedom at a very affordable costs?) Well, first on the list is Http Injector (PC Version).

Http injector (PC Version) – Http injector is an app developed by A-Developer1412 which supports SSH/Proxy that can bypass most ISP’s blocked websites. Supports only windows Operating Systems both 32 and 64 bit. So let’s get it started.


1. HTTP injector (latest Version). Download and install.
You can get the latest version here: Download

2. Rar/Zip extractor. The downloaded file is compressed into rar file. You need any working rar extractor to extract the folder inside. I suggest you use winrar as it is a free software. You can download the software depending on your operating system’s structure here: Download


Extract A-Dev1412_HPI_1.0.1.7_Setup.rar (16.8MB) to your desktop and double click it and let's get it installed. Refer to screenshots below.

Keep hitting the next button and accept the aggreement until you get to installation password. Installation password is: a-dev1412

Once installation is successful, we can now launch the app and lets get it to fire up.

You may also want to customize the app’s appearance depending on you preferences. It doesn’t matter though.

In order for us to make it up and running we need to have a working Secure Shell Account (SSH) and a squid proxy server. It’s up to you whether you use your personal VPS and proxy server or subscribe to any free SSH and proxy services available online. Well it would be best if you will use your own. Setting up your own VPS for SSH and Proxy server will be discussed later on. Well for the sake of our discussion we will be using free services available online.

Create an Account (SSH)

There are tons of Free SSH services available out there it’s your option to choose according to your own preference. My first choice is MonthlySSH. Go ahead and visit the site. And let us create our account. Well the good thing here is that they offer an account that lasts for 30 days compare to others which offer only 3 days or 7 days.

You can choose any server location you want. Well of course we need to choose the fastest server and it is Singapore. So let's sign up for Singapore. It will ask you to input your desired username and password. Afterwards you need to click create button to generate the account. You will see some essential info posted once your registration is successful. Copy it and save it else where. We need these info and input them later on our HTTP Injector.

Here is our sample account:

Host Server IP : sg5.ssh.monthlyssh.com
Username : monthlyssh.com-pinoyvpn
Password : pinoyvpn
Created Account on : 05-March-2019
Your Account will expire on 04-April-2019.

Take note of the Host Server IP and the Dropbear port: 22 and of course our username and password.

Hunting a Squid Proxy Server.

Our SSH account won't work by itself alone it needs a proxy server to back it up. Though there are some apps that doesn't need a proxy server to connect but that is not the case on HTTP injector. So we need to find one. Let's head over to Squid Proxy and look for a proxy that is suitable with our SSH account. We are looking for the same country as our ssh account and in our case it is Singapore and also it should be transparent running on ports 3128, 80 or 8080 respectively.

Select the region, in our case its Asia and get any available proxy.

Take note of the IP and port. In our case that is
Make sure that the proxy server is online and up and running.


Payload is very important as the entire SSH and proxy wont work without it. Payload is any free website or any accessible website depending on your ISP. In our case, in order for us to have an accessible website we need to Register in ISP's available promos. Most commonly used Network for HTTP injector is SUN Cellular (Though it also works with Globe/TM and Smart/TNT). You may register to TU promos like TU50, TU60, TU150 and TU200. In my case I'm registered in TU50. (Just send TU50 to 247 to register or you can load TU50 directly from retail centers.) Example of a payload is m.facebook.com; m.weixin.qq.com; etc. (For readers outside the Philippines, you can choose any websites depending on the accessibility in your country.)

Now let us open up our HTTP Injector and input all the details we have gathered earlier. Headover to SSH Tab and input our SSH account as shown below. Under Tunnelier click the radio button PLink, Under Mode select PF Portable and don't forget to put a check mark under Log.

Now go back to Inject tab and input the proxy and port. There should be a colon "Proxy:port" in between.

Then jump over into tools tab and select Payload generator and copy whats on our image below. Hit the little Round Check button below to generate the payload.

Finally, We're ready to click start and fire up our injector. You will see the logs when connection is successful.

Note: These can be applied to all ISPs or Network provider. The key to successful connection depends on the payload itself and how you combine the header options. Next on the List is the HTTP Injector Mobile Edition (Android). Watch out for the next post.

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