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News/Updates My recommendation for offshore server and adult script (dmca ignored)-adult content-personal review


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Hello guys,

First of all would like to thank all the members from Cytech for all the guidance throughout. I have been asking questions on forums also did some research when I first started out. I picked adult content streaming site for a reason, i feel there’s a big potential in the adult industry, I started doing a lookup on the TOP 5 adult sites before starting and found out xvideos and pornhub have been the king and still standing up high the mountains until today, just like the lion king. According to similarweb, they are still above top rank 100. And never dropped.

For myself, I’ve been in the adult industry for a few years and it’s a decent money as well. Bought a new house new car and with the money of the adult sites and expanding to more niches. Alot people saying it’s not profitable but trust me, no screenshot is needed for proof. If you focus on a certain niche, pick a relevant content(prefer content that is paid and not accessible to public due to paid content), you can actually pay for the paid content, download and reupload it to your small servers. We started with smaller servers for streaming with ovh, and slowly moved up to bigger server with bigger bandwidth bigger storage since the cons using small server with small bandwidth, the video will buffer. To give back to the blackhat community, gonna share some tips on growing up in the adult industry and staying annoymous. Adult content is illegal in our country but still, annoymous keeps us safe. Below will be some guidance.

Steps :

1) Get a really nice domain name relevant to your niche. If your niche is cats, get a relevant like cat.com, ilovecats.com and not pig.com, ilovepigs.com. Most of your traffic will come from Google search if you do proper backlinking(read more below). And they will index and rank your site higher if your name is more relevant. Get annoymous registrar Also to bulletproof fully. I use Njalla. This is good. Some people like to send reports to your registrar saying you’re hosting child porn and fbi is coming after them and they will block your domain names. Happened to me before. But in fact there’s no child porn at all. So get annoymous registrar. Although the founder is Peter sunde, founder of pirate bay. You might think twice but you can trust peter. Pirate bay involved in a lawsuit before but they managed to win the case. That’s why I have faith in them :p

2) Get a offshore server to serve static pages for your homepage video pages and so on, instead of non offshore. Why to get offshore server for one reason, no matter how comply you’re to the ones reporting dmca to you for removable. There are some wicked people who goes directly to your host and report, once you get multiple dmca notice,your host might end your service once and for all, for newbies who doesn’t know how to hide your server host ip from the public, it’s best to get offshore to have you cover for many years to come. The one I’m using right now I’m happy with it. ( Offshore Hosting, DMCA Ignored Hosting, Offshore VPS, Dedicated Servers ). Just switched to this, ftp speed is good if you upload content by yourself. And support is good(very fast reply to customers). If you’re just starting, get a ssd drive for sure and put more space into / drive, it will helps with caching. If you just bought it and have slow upload speed with ftp, use this settings, initially I get slow speed but when I use this settings, my speed boosted by 15x times. Ftp -> Edit -> Transfer -> Max simulataneous transfer Set to 10. And File -> site manager -> your site -> transfer settings -> active -> Limit number of connections(Set to 10) again. And you will get max speed !

3) Get a small streaming server, can be a cheap one, don’t use third party video hosting. Because you will have a hard time transferring all the video files to your own streaming server once your site becomes bigger. Advantage of using your own streaming, you control all the ads in your video player, with preroll or banners. Now some third party hosting closes their affiliate program so there’s no money to earn for user now and you’re helping them to become more richer. For small streaming servers, you can look from ovh, they have the cheapest price. You can use the lowest price, it will be fine. But for serving your main pages, use offshore.

4) Get a fast script to serve your pages and a fast support that replies to you within a day. And trust me, a fast support and fast script helps your site become bigger and bigger. If your site goes down because of a bug in script, you have a slow support, your site will die fast. I was using adultvideoscript and my site die due to a bug and the support took more than a week to reply so I moved to a better one. Conclusion, get a fast support.

5) To no.4, Get a backup server and converting server, because you will need a converting server to encode videos and backup server to backup your video files and website database. In other words, if you wanna grow big, gotta invest some cash in. This route is for those who wish to grow big in the adult industry.

6) now to the important part, doing backlinks, it’s very simple. Watermark your videos and upload them to big sites and traffic will come. Including forums, Reddit and so on. This is important if you want organic traffic from search engine.

In conclusion, get a bulletproof domain, bulletproof hosting for a long haul. This route is recommended for users that have been using shared hosting and third party hosting and ready to upgrade to higher servers. For users starting out, not enough cash, please read some tutorials on a shared hosting and third party video hosting. I’m writing only for people who’s willing to invest some cash. Adding up in total for the above

1) 1 domain - 20+ usd max per year
2) Main web server for serving static pages - around $50+ for lower traffic site, bigger sites need to use more ram and better ssd drives
3) Streaming server - around $50 as well
4) Backup server - around$50
5) Converting server - around $30-$40
6) Seo- free- do it yourself
7) fast support and fast script- $99 one time payment
8) setup server fees for the above I rmb it’s $49 for streaming and backup and converting. One time fee as well. Other customisable feed you may have to discuss with them.

If you’re asking why not use backup and converting the same time, it will lag the server. So best is to separate it. The script also have the function to do multiple streaming server including multiple encoding servers. So if you’re looking for the best ones, buy adultscriptpro. The support is really good, I’m giving 15 over a 10 score for the support. Never disappointed me. And don’t forget to stay annoymous! It’s very important !

Any questions just leave a comment, I will reply! 3 years experience in the adult industry.

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