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USB Data Blockers


Syed Asad

Juice jacking is very much real. It’s not a threat-mongering. Hackers can infect your smartphone or laptop through the USB port. Especially when you’re using a public place, such as a charging kiosk at your favorite coffee shop or airport, your device is vulnerable to different forms of hack attacks. That’s where USB data blockers can become a real asset.

This nifty gadget plugs into your USB charging port and protects against data leakage. How? You may ask. Simply by blocking the data pins on the USB port of your cable. This way, there’s no chance of data flow from your device. In a way, it works as a firewall between the public USB port and your device.

Below are our best USB Data Blockers to date.

1. PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker

The PortaPow USB data blocker is undoubtedly the king of the ring right now. Based in the UK, PortaPow was the first manufacturer to introduce the world to USB data blockers. Its flagship 3rd gen data blocker is just as efficient as it gets – and more!

To begin with, it’s a small portable device. Feels nice and durable in hand. Also, it fits right in the pocket. So, you can take it along anywhere you want. Quality is nice. We didn’t notice any loose or sloppy parts. As for security, the male end of the plug has no data pins. This means there’s no way any rogue charging port may connect to your device.

Also, it doesn’t just efficiently protect against viruses but also provides high-speed charging. That’s because it features a smart charge chip, letting you charge your device in no time. Moreover, it auto switches between the Apple, Samsung, and Universal standards because of the smart chip to make sure that whichever device you attach works without any problem.

So, whether you’re an android or iOS user, the Portapow USB data blocker will provide a charge at up to 2.4 Amperes. That said, the price of this little hardware is reasonable too. Highly recommended for frequent travelers and everyday office use.

Buy Here: Amazon

2. EDEC USB Data Blocker

On the second spot is the EDEC USB data blocker. It secures your device from hackers as well as viruses. The best thing about this little piece of tech is that it works with any USB port on any device. However, you will need a cable that goes to a standard Type-A connector.

Unlike the PortaPow’s data blocker, this one comes in a metal exterior casing. This makes it more durable. To keep the weight low, the insides are made of ABS plastic. So it’s lightweight yet durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear without leaving you in the lurch.

We didn’t notice any increase or drop in power charging capabilities when using this blocker. That’s rare because usually, these devices lower the power charging rate. Besides Android and iOS devices, the EDEC USB data blocker also works great with Google Pixel.

Our only complaint is the sharp outer edges of the design. A little heat shrink or maybe a filing down would have made the design smoother. But it’s a minor gripe. Overall, the EDEC USB data blocker does what it’s supposed to do. It is small, inexpensive, and efficient.

Buy Here: Amazon

3. USB defender Data Blocker

Coming in at third place is the USB Defender. Like the previously mentioned data blockers, this one is just as efficient, lightweight, and functional. Public charging stations or a friend plugging their phone into your laptop for a charge aren’t a threat anymore!

The USB Defender is elegantly designed in a compact shape. Noticeably smaller and adorable than others on this list. The outer casing is made of plastic and comes with smooth edges to avoid any inconvenience. During our tests, we noticed the plastic isn’t much durable. Take proper care, and it will last.

As for compatibility, it works with any device that utilizes a standard USB plug to charge or transfer data. This includes all the Android phones, iPhones, tablets, and other similar devices. So yes, it supports fast charging function as well.

For the price, the value this little piece of tech brings to the table is excellent. It is easy to carry around and functions just as advertised to give you much needed peace of mind when using public charging ports.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. ChargeDefence Data Blockers

If you’re looking to buy more than one data blocker, this pack of five may just be your best shot. Low priced, multi-colored, and coming from a reliable mobile security brand, what more can one ask for?

When you take these USB data blockers out of the package, the first thing you notice is the bigger size. Although lightweight, this data blocker looks slightly bigger in hand when compared to others. And honestly, we are not a fan of the curvy design either. But, the curves do aid your hand when plugging it in or out of the port.

These data blockers support USB 2.0 standards and are totally plug and play. This means it works like a charm on all mobile devices and operating systems without any driver installation. Charging speed is also fast – almost double the normal time.

Overall, it instantly removes any data sharing capability between your device and a charging port. So, this pack of five is an excellent investment for the entire family. Buy one for your family or gift it to your loved ones!

Buy Here: Amazon

5. E-SDS Data Theft Kit (Includes 1 USB Data Blocker)

Behold the Spy-Fy Privacy Kit. It’s a gift box that doesn’t just contain a USB data blocker but five additional smart gadgets to secure your privacy. These include three webcam covers, two RFID credit card protectors, and, of course, a USB jack defender. From bank cards to smartphones as well as laptops, this kit keeps your digital privacy well secured.

The USB data blocker is around 0.4 inches thick. It weighs just about right, and the design is also decent. No issues there. Simply plug into the USB port and then connect your device to start charging. Although the manufacturer claims their USB data blocker increases the charging speed, we didn’t notice any increase during our trial runs.

The data blocker is compatible with all standard USB ports. It’s also a plug and play to give you ease of mind. However, the manufacturer has included a user manual with the package to help you out if you run into any trouble.

To conclude, the E-SDS Data Theft Kit can be a great gift for your friends and family. The price is a bargain. In fact, we believe you get more than what you’re paying for here since it’s a three in one privacy protection.

Buy Here: Amazon

Buyer’s Guide for USB Data Blockers

A USB data blocker is a pretty basic kind of tech. You don’t need to tear your hair out or look at a hundred resources to get a functional piece. Still, we suggest keeping an eye on these features:

Fast Charging

Fast Charging? Yes, please! Some data blockers are compatible with the latest fast charging technologies like Qualcomm Quick Charge or Samsung’s fast charge, giving you almost double the charging speed than normal chargers. Go for them! It will save you time.


The design of a USB data blocker is the first thing you should consider. While most USB Data Blockers available in the market are compact, if it’s tiny, you would have trouble inserting or taking it out. Especially if you’re someone with giant hands, you need a blocker that has a more curvy design than a straightforward polished one.


Usually, these gadgets are lightweight, which helps with portability. You can keep a dozen of them in your backpack without any problem. Plastic USB blockers are more lightweight than metal ones. Consider weight only when you will carry one in your pocket and other accessories like headphones and USB cable.

USB Connector system

Does your device use a USB C port? In that case, make sure the data blocker you’re going for is compatible. Most of the data blockers available in the market support the standard USB port. Though you can go for an adapter if your port isn’t compatible, we wouldn’t recommend pairing them with a data blocker. It’s just too much of a hassle. Instead, opt for a data blocker that is compatible with your device. For instance, if you’re device uses a USB C port, make sure the data blocker also uses the USB C port on both ends.

OS Compatibility

While all of the blockers mentioned in this article support Android and iOS systems, not every USB blocker comes with this feature. Some of them are only intended for a particular kind of device. Therefore, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled on what Operating System does it support.

Final Thoughts

So that was all about USB data blockers. This tiny tech provides two-way protection. You’re protecting your own device as well as protecting others from yourself in case a data stealer is hiding in your system. Privacy is the biggest concern today, and with issues related to security on an all-time high, these utility tools have become all the more important. Stay safe! Use these tools whenever you’re using a public charging port.

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