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Warp + Uncensored Everything (Globe/TM Zero Load)


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One of the hottest vpn app today is the recently launched Warp + cloudfares' vpn. is a cloudsflare DNS resolver which is faster than google's This is a combination of socks proxy ang openvpn which bypasses Telecom's own DNS resolver and thus provides uncensored content without any internet plan (Zero Load). The app was built not for that purpose but to provide internet security. So let's begin.

Just download the app by clicking here. (The App is modded and thus, no need to farm or refer a friend.) Afterwards, install the app on your android phone and provide necessary permissions. Initially, the app requires internet connection to be able to fetch necessary files from its server. When the app is already installed you may now switch to globe sim (With Zero Load). Toggle the connect switch and your good. You will see key icon right on the upper right corner of your screen indication that the app is running on the background. Enjoy the app while it is still working. How to connect your PC/Laptop to this app will be discussed on our next post. So please stay tune.


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